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What is YoWhatsApp and is it Safe?

What is YoWhatsApp

Have you heard of YOWhatsApp? Or are you using it already?

How much do you know about YoWhatsApp? 

Let’s find out more details about YoWhatsApp through this blog. This blog will discuss what YoWhatsApp is, what are special features of YoWhatsApp, who developed this application and is it safe or not.

WhatsApp is a leading and most trusted messaging app in the world. It is being used by billions of people around the world. People are addicted to it. 

This meta-owned WhatsApp offers chatting, status sharing, video and file sharing, video and voice calling and what not. This WhatsApp introduces new features on a regular basis. 

However, WhatsApp still lacks many features. There are certain limitations that people are facing while using WhatsApp. 

This is where YoWhatsApp comes into picture. YoWhatsApp is developed by doing some changes and modifications in the original WhatsApp application source code.  Let’s understand what exactly YoWhatsApp is. 

What is YoWhatsApp (YoWa)? 

YoWhatsApp is a modified version of popular messaging app WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp adds many special features and functionalities to the original WhatsApp.  

There are billions of WhatsApp users worldwide. Despite that, there are still a lot of features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. For example, lack of different themes, limitations on size and type of file to send over messages, ability to disable whatsapp incoming messages etc. The developers of YoWhatsApp took advantage of this and built their app.  

YoWhatsApp for Android was developed by Yousef Al Basha but he stopped developing it after some time.  Later, Fouad Mokdad (developer of FMWhatsApp) took over YoWa’s development. 

How to install YoWhatsApp?

Well, YoWhatsApp is not directly available to download from Google play store like other applications.

This YoWA is developed by doing some code modifications in the original WhatsApp application source code. This app is developed without authorized permission and this violates the intellectual property rights of WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp original app creators have requested google to remove it from Google Play Store. 

So how to download and install YoWhatsApp?

To download this app YoWhatsApp, type search term “YoWhatsApp APK download” in google search engine.  There are many websites that offer YOWhatsApp download links. You can also download it from the official YoWhatsApp APK download website. 

What are the latest features of YoWhatsApp?

Some of major important features of YoWhatsApp are listed below:

  1. Variety of themes using YoThemes store (other than typical WhatsApp Green theme) 
  2. You can set image as a background and get rid of WhatsApp green UI
  3. Call blocking feature(you can block calls from specific numbers)
  4. Default app lock with password or pattern (no need of downloading other app)
  5. Lots of emoji variants
  6. Ability to send long videos (videos upto 700 MB)
  7. Ability to lock chats with password (no need of third party tools) 
  8. Ability to freeze whatsApp last seen time
  9. Ability to hide WhatsApp last seen, hide the blue tick (Message Seen Tick), and second tick (message delivered tick) anytime.
  10. Copy Caption Feature Added For Media (Image/Video) – Select Image/Video > 3 Dot >Copy Caption
  11. Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
  12. Airplane Mode (Disable Messages Whenever You Need)
  13. Status Splitter Added (Split Long Videos to 30 Seconds)

Is YoWhatsApp safe? 

In general, it’s not recommended to use untrusted third-party apps. These untrusted third party resources can inject malware or malicious code inside the app and can cause some harm to your device or may steal some sensitive information. Therefore, it’s always better to install apps from trusted Google’s Play Store app marketplace. 

If you download anything from an unknown source, you might end up downloading a Potentially Harmful Application(PHA). This can really slow down your smartphone. The Internet is full of such potentially harmful apps. And, these potentially harmful apps ask for permissions to access mobile data,photos,files and other apps present on the phone. This may lead to stealing of personal sensitive information or stealing of money from your online wallet or bank account.

YoWhatsApp has a lot of advanced features as compared to original WhatsApp, but there are a few things to watch for. YoWhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp. There is a security risk associated with YoWhatsApp since it is to be downloaded from an external website. 

Up until now, there has not been any report or case of online theft or fraud against YoWhatsApp. 

However, you can’t ignore security risks that come with unauthorized downloads. Everything comes with a price. The developers always have their own goals. Why would anyone invest his/her time in application development? Right? 

Yes, WhatsApp is free to use as of now but soon they are also going to offer a subscription based model called WhatsApp Premium. 

So what should be your take? 

If you are a person who uses banking applications on an everyday basis and you don’t want to take any security risk then do not download this YoWhatsApp application. Wait patiently for the roll out of extra features by the original WhatsApp creator. 

And, if you can’t afford to miss YoWhatsApp’s extra features and can deal with security risk if there is any, you can go ahead and download the app from this website

Install at your own risk. 



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