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What is UPI123Pay and how to use it?

what is UPI123Pay and how to use it

UPI123Pay is a UPI for non-smartphone users. 

Reserve Bank of India and National Payments Corporation of India launched UPI123Pay , a feature phone version of UPI to facilitate payments without the use of the internet.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das today launched UPI for feature phones called UPI123Pay.

What is UPI123Pay?

UPI for feature phone, i.e., UPI123Pay is a three-step process – call, choose and pay.

UPI123Pay is a three-step method of initiating and executing services to users, which can be used on cellular phones that don’t have access to the internet. Currently, there are approximately 40 crore mobile phone users who own feature phones.

How to use UPI123Pay?

UPI 123PAY does not require internet connectivity to perform online transactions. Additionally, this service is available in multiple Indian languages.

Smartphone and feature phone owners are now able to transact digitally with the new facility.

In order to make payment, the user needs to link their bank account with their feature phone first.

The user will be required to set a UPI PIN using his/her debit card.

Once the UPI PIN is set, a user can transact just like a smartphone user using a feature phone.

The user will have to call the IVR number and select the service they need such as money transfer, LPG gas refill, FasTag recharge, mobile recharge, balance check, etc.

In order to transfer money, one must choose the phone number of the person to whom money is being transferred, enter the amount, and enter the UPI PIN.

To pay a merchant, he can use app-based payment methods or missed call payment methods.

Alternatively, digital payments can be made using a voice-based method.

With this new technology UPI123Pay , users will be able to perform transactions by: 

1. App-based Functionality: App functionality would be provided through an app based channel. All transactions available on a UPI app on smartphones will be offered except for the feature to scan and pay. RBI is working on making a scan and pay feature available soon.

2. Missed Call System: Using this system, users will be able to send a missed call and will get back a call. User can authenticate payment by entering a UPI pin and proceed with the payment.

3. Inter-active Voice Response (IVR): With an IVR system, or voice based system, where users can call the number provided by NPCI, initiate a secured call, and make a transaction.

4. Proximity Sound-based Payments:  This technology will use sound waves to enable contact, enable networking, and ultimately make contactless payments possible.

The UPI system will allow users to pay friends and family, pay utility bills, recharge FASTags, pay mobile bills, and check account balances. Each user will also be able to link bank accounts and set or change UPI PINs.

Digi Saathi: 24×7 helpline

There is also a 24-hour digital payment helpline set up by Das, which is run by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

-The ‘Digisaathi’ helpline will assist callers/users with all their questions about digital payments through a website and a chatbot.

-For resolving grievances regarding digital payments, users can go to www.Digisaathi.Info or dial 14431 and 1800 891 3333 from their phones.

At present, UPI services are available for such users through the USSD-based services, but the same has been found to be cumbersome and all the mobile operators do not allow such services.



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