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How can I earn money as a student

How can I earn money as a student?

How Can I Earn Money as a student? If you're a student struggling with finances, you may be wondering, "How can I earn money...
How a beginner can earn money on youtube

How can a beginner earn money from YouTube?

Let's explore how can a beginner earn money from YouTube. You can make money on YouTube in a number of different ways. You can partner...
what is business finance

Defining Business Financing, its type, and its need

Business finance talks about the funds and credit employed in the business. It helps to manage the funds/money to make your business more profitable by considering financial statements.
what is trojandropper


In a constant battle between malware authors and cybersecurity developers, new mechanisms are introduced to patch new types of security issues, and malware authors...
Google Meet gets improved in background effects

The web version of Google Meet now features improved background effects and cloud processing

Google Meet has improved its background effects quality and performance. Following updates, Google Meet users on the Web will experience more accurate background effects...
how to transfer whatsapp chat from android to ios

How to transfer WhatsApp chat data from Android to iOS

According to WhatsApp, its users will now be able to transfer their full chat history between Android and iOS devices. Initially, this feature was...
whatsapp for android

Whatsapp for Android Testing Undo the Delete Feature for Messages on the Latest Beta...

WhatsApp reportedly began rolling out a beta version of its Android client on Tuesday. There is an undo delete message feature in this version....
android 13

Google releases Android 13 for Pixel smartphones; fixes issues with the fingerprint scanner: all...

On Monday, Google announced the launch of Android 13 on Pixel smartphones. The new OS version will be available on Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, and...
How to get more leads and sales everyday

How To Generate more leads and sales everyday

This article is about how you can use email marketing as a effective strategy to generate more leads. Also, you will learn how to grow your email list.
fatty liver disease

What is Fatty Liver Disease? Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Fatty liver disease refers to an accumulation of fat in the liver. The condition can lead to liver inflammation and scarring. Fatty liver disease,...