This Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our day to day lives and market worldwide causing deflation and slow down. This pandemic at the same time introduced us to a new mode of work i.e work from home. Every sector around globally adopted remote working for continual flow of work, various reports suggest that this hybrid mode has not hampered productivity but has increased profits and has proved to be a cost saving method. 

According to a report by Centre for Monitoring Economy (CMIE), around 12.2 crore people lost their jobs in India due to Coronavirus in 2020. Several marquee companies laid off their employees as this was the only option to cut costs during the period of losses. Nationwide lockdown during the pandemic caused hefty losses to many companies almost in all sectors. 

The whole world suffered a major setback in terms of physical, mental well being as well as in terms of profits. However, those who lost their jobs have an option to start their own business at home without almost zero investment in some cases. Looking at the present situation, work from home is now a part of life and is expected to remain in the future as well. 

The pandemic also gave people a chance to stand on their own and come out with great business ideas as well as be creative. The present situation demands us to be more proactive, aware, and make a decision as early as possible after analyzing all important aspects. 

If you want to commence your career but want to remain distant from a 9-5 job then you can definitely consider these business ideas which you can pursue while sitting at the comfort of your home. 

Certain key aspects should be kept in mind while considering this opportunity. The most important point is to remain updated with the latest market trend and consumer demand. Second, you should have technological resources like laptop, internet connections to pursue any option. Third, you should remain consistent with your work for results. 

Below is the list of some business ideas you can pursue as your full time career to earn a steady income – 

Business Ideas During Lockdown 

 1. Freelancing 

Gone are the days when freelancing was considered as a part time job or source to earn some extra bucks. Freelancing is now considered as a full time career as it allows you to work under your will as well as earn a handsome amount by just giving a few hours of your day. One has an option to become a freelancer in several areas like Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing and so on. You can take as many projects as you want according to your wish and can work at your level of comfort.

Depending upon the profile, a freelancer can earn more than a 9-5 job.

2. Home Baker

This pandemic has created a major demand for home bakers as people are trusting more with the level of hygiene maintained by home bakers as compared to bakery shops. A home baker is also free to take as many orders they want to.

They are also free to charge according to their own wish which gives them the leverage to earn a handsome amount at the end of the month. However, a home baker has to invest some amount of money on raw materials like flour, wisk, pan, heavy cream etc. and some machines like beater but can gradually recover their cost.

3. Online Tutor

The concept of online learning gained widespread popularity during the Covid and thus, has created a demand for subject tutors who can teach online. A report by KPMG suggests that there are more than 3,500 edtech startups in India, creating vacancies for lakhs of teachers. However, one can also start their own online tutoring classes for students and can easily earn a good amount of money by just giving a few hours of their day. Starting your own classes will give you the leverage of charging fees according to your own will.

4. Online yoga/zumba/fitness trainer

The shutting down of gyms due to Covid created a sudden requirement for fitness trainers who can train people at their respective homes. Online training has gained a lot of importance lately as people are now more health conscious and the pandemic has already disrupted fitness health routines of many people around the globe. Online training may be a little less effective as compared to in-person but keeping in mind the covid-19 norms it is like a life saviour for many people.

5. Food delivery services

People who suffered from the Covid-19 virus often complained of severe body ache which made it almost impossible to cook for themselves. This created a sudden rise in demand for delivery of home cooked food. Many people saw this as an opportunity for them to start their own business from home only and earn a good amount of money. Delivering home cooked meals to people in need is not only just a business but also a community service. Food delivery service will never be outdated as the demand will keep on surging rather than falling.

6.Medicine delivery

The delivery of medicines is the need of the hour during this pandemic. People are facing serious medical crises at this moment globally, this will actually be a lot beneficial for people. You can play the role of middlemen between the wholesaler and the consumer and earn a good profit margin in between. You can also take this business online as digital is the future and shall continue even after the pandemic gets over.Like food delivery, medicine delivery is also a kind of community service and not just a profitable business.

7. Blogging/Youtuber

Blogging and Youtubing has gained a lot of popularity among Gen Z lately. We can say that it is an innovative source of earning money these days. Blogging and being a youtuber is a serious full time career which demands a lot of hard work and consistently as you will lose your followers/ subscribers if you don’t post regularly. The main source of income for bloggers is collaboration with brands and for youtubers, it depends upon the number of viewership. You can start your own blog or youtube channel and choose any beat you like for example — food, travelling, fashion, mental health, day-to-day lives, DIY crafts, singing & dancing and so on. Once you gain popularity then there is no looking back.

8. E-commerce business

Now you don’t need a heavy investment for starting your own business. One can incorporate their business with a very nominal investment. Nowadays, social media plays the role of offices where you can showcase your products to your customers and attract them with beautiful pictures and videos. With the help of several social media platforms, you can also become an entrepreneur by just sitting at your home. The scope of earning money through these online businesses is beyond limit. For starters, handmade gifts, apparels and footwear, toiletries and makeup products are some good options to deal with.

9.Stock market broker

Stock market is a market of opportunities where millennials who are keen to earn money are present. We all know that the stock market is a risky game but you can become that person who neither sells nor invests in the market but can be a big part of it. The stock market brokers play the role of middlemen who help out its customers in buying and selling of shares, mutual funds and bonds. The broker always earns a profit margin despite when the market crashes. In order to become a stock market broker, you should be well versed with all the rules and regulations of the market and should know how the market works.

10.Travel Agent

Travel agents also act like middlemen or tatkals who help out their customers with buying tickets and holiday packages and earn a hefty profit during the deal. All you need is a laptop and internet connection and you can earn lakhs depending upon the deal. For being a travel agent, you should be associated with the online ticket booking websites. You don’t need a degree to become a travel agent, anybody who can understand simple English and has the resources can become one.

11.Rent your space

Another easy way of earning money is to rent out your extra room or space. It is one of the most promising businesses with almost negligible competition.There are several platforms where you can register your extra space and earn a handsome amount of money out of it. You can charge hourly/day/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis depending upon your interest and location of your space. While going for renting your extra room or space, make sure you check proper IDs of people and beware of frauds and harmful people. 

Conclusion: These are some simple business ideas, which may help you stand on your feet. It may or may not prove to be successful for everyone. It depends upon your execution and the resources you had while pursuing it.


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