20 Engaging Ice Breakers for Virtual Meetings to Boost Team Morale

Energize Your Remote Team with These Exciting Virtual Ice Breakers

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As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, virtual meetings have turned into an essential aspect of team collaboration. To foster a strong team dynamic, improve communication, and create a more enjoyable online meeting experience, incorporating ice breakers is essential.

Ice breakers are activities or games designed to help people feel more comfortable and engaged in social or professional settings, such as meetings or workshops. They facilitate interaction, create a relaxed atmosphere, and encourage participants to connect with one another, promoting better communication and collaboration.

In this article, we will explore 20 engaging ice breakers designed to kick off your virtual meetings with energy and enthusiasm, ultimately boosting team morale and building stronger connections.

Ice Breakers for Virtual Meetings

1Two Truths and a Lie

This timeless ice breaker is a perfect fit for virtual meetings. Each participant shares two true statements and one false statement about themselves, while the rest of the team members guess which statement is the lie. This activity allows team members to learn new and interesting things about one another while also engaging in a bit of friendly competition.

2Virtual Show and Tell

Encourage participants to bring an intriguing item from their home or workspace and share its story with the group. Virtual Show and Tell fosters a sense of openness and vulnerability, helping team members to share personal experiences and establish stronger bonds with their coworkers.

3Online Bingo

To create a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, design a bingo card featuring fun and work-related statements or questions. Participants should mark off each square when they find a coworker who matches the description. This activity encourages interaction and helps team members discover shared interests or experiences.

4Scavenger Hunt

Develop a list of items or tasks that can be found or completed within each participant’s workspace or home. Set a timer and ask team members to find the items or complete the tasks as quickly as possible. This ice breaker sparks friendly competition and creates a lighthearted atmosphere that can help break down barriers.

5Emoji Storytelling

Invite team members to share a recent experience or describe their day using only emojis. This creative ice breaker can be both entertaining and challenging, requiring participants to think outside the box and interpret each other’s stories in a new and inventive way.

6Virtual Trivia

Divide participants into teams and conduct a virtual trivia session on various topics, such as company history, industry trends, or pop culture. This activity promotes teamwork and offers an opportunity for team members to learn new facts, creating a fun and educational experience.


Utilize an online whiteboard tool to play a game of Pictionary, where one person draws an image related to a given word or phrase, and the rest of the team tries to guess what it is. This game encourages creativity and teamwork while providing plenty of laughs and lighthearted moments.

8Desert Island

Encourage participants to share what three items they would bring to a desert island and why. This ice breaker allows team members to reveal their priorities and values, leading to deeper connections and a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

9Virtual Coffee Break

Schedule a virtual coffee break where team members can socialize and discuss non-work-related topics. This informal gathering allows team members to connect on a personal level, fostering stronger relationships and promoting a positive team atmosphere.

10Lightning Round

Compile a list of rapid-fire questions and ask each participant to answer as quickly as possible. The questions can range from personal interests to work-related topics. This activity helps break the ice, create an energetic atmosphere, and encourage open communication.

11Alphabet Challenge

Ask participants to choose a letter of the alphabet and share something related to work or a personal interest that starts with that letter. This activity encourages creative thinking and helps team members learn more about each other’s interests, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

12Guess the Baby Picture

Request team members to submit a baby or childhood photo of themselves before the meeting. During the meeting, display the pictures and have everyone guess who is in each photo. This ice breaker sparks laughter and encourages team members to share memories from their past, promoting stronger connections.

13Quick Draw Challenge

Select a simple object or concept and give participants a limited amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) to draw their interpretation of it. Then, ask everyone to share their drawings and guess the original prompt. This activity encourages creativity and provides a light-hearted break from the meeting agenda, while also fostering teamwork.

14Share a Positive News Story

Ask team members to share a recent positive news story, either work-related or from the world at large. This ice breaker promotes optimism and can help improve team morale by focusing on uplifting events and developments.

15Virtual Escape Room

Organize a virtual escape room experience for your team, where participants work together to solve puzzles and progress through a story. This activity fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills, making it an engaging and challenging team-building experience.

1620 Questions

Choose a person, place, or thing, and ask participants to take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out the chosen subject. This classic guessing game encourages communication and problem-solving skills, promoting a sense of unity and collaboration within the team.

17Virtual Karaoke

Organize a virtual karaoke session where team members can take turns singing their favorite songs. This entertaining ice breaker helps team members relax, have fun, and express their personalities, creating a more positive and open team environment.

18Share a Quote

Ask participants to share a favorite quote, either personal or work-related, and explain why it resonates with them. This activity promotes reflection and allows team members to gain insight into each other’s values and perspectives, fostering a deeper sense of understanding and connection.

19The Bucket List

Ask team members to share one item from their bucket list and explain why it’s important to them. This ice breaker encourages team members to share their dreams and aspirations, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of each other’s goals and motivations.

20Word Association

Start with a word and have each participant quickly say a word that comes to mind in response. Continue this process, passing from one team member to another, for a set amount of time or until the chain breaks. This fast-paced activity promotes quick thinking and can lead to surprising and entertaining connections, creating a fun and engaging team atmosphere.


Incorporating ice breakers into your virtual meetings can significantly enhance the overall experience by creating a positive and engaging atmosphere. These 20 ice breakers will not only boost team morale but also foster stronger connections between team members. Give these ice breakers a try and watch your virtual meetings come to life, promoting a more cohesive and productive remote team.

FAQ – Ice Breakers for meetings

Q. What are the benefits of using ice breakers in virtual meetings?

Answer: Ice breakers help to create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, encourage team members to connect on a personal level, and can boost team morale and productivity.

Q. Can these ice breakers be used for both small and large virtual teams?

Answer: Yes, many of these ice breakers can be adapted to accommodate various team sizes. For larger teams, consider dividing participants into smaller groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to engage in the activities.

Q. How much time should I allocate for ice breakers in a virtual meeting?

Answer: The time required for each ice breaker varies depending on the activity and the size of your team. Generally, allocating 5-15 minutes per activity should be sufficient to create a positive atmosphere without taking too much time away from your meeting agenda.

Q. How often should I use ice breakers in virtual meetings?

Answer: The frequency of using ice breakers will depend on your team’s preferences and the nature of your meetings. For teams that meet regularly, introducing an ice breaker once a week or every other week can help maintain a positive team dynamic.

Q. Are there any specific tools or platforms required for these virtual ice breakers?

Answer:Most of the ice breakers can be conducted using standard video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Some activities, such as Pictionary or collaborative brainstorming, may require additional tools like an online whiteboard or a shared document.

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